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TR001   Ruohtta - Reetessä (Sweden) CD SOLDOUT

TR002   Ruohtta - Gutna (Sweden) CD SOLDOUT

TR003   Valac - Offerings of Anguish (United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR004   Oppressive Descent / HellGoat - Death Knell of a Dying World (United States / Sweden) CD SOLDOUT

TR005   Ceremonial Crypt Desecration - Lupine Sacrilege Adorned in Rotting Flesh (Australia) CD SOLDOUT

TR006   Ceremonial Crypt Desecration - Anointed by the Crimson Veil (Australia) CD SOLDOUT

TR007   Old Castles - Die Wampyriskra Symphonie (Unknown) CD SOLDOUT

TR008   Czarnobog - Forsaken Spells​​.​​​.​​. (Germany) CD SOLDOUT

TR009   Vampyric Winter - Realms of Spectral Darkness and Eternal Despair (Spain) CD SOLDOUT

TR010   Xandelyer - Upheaval Of Medieval Darkness (Germany) CD SOLDOUT

TR011   Cloaque - Ultime Profanation (Canada) CD SOLDOUT

TR012   Sulfurous Presence - Demo I (United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR013   Ashgabat - Perverse Summoning (United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR014   Nachtheir - A Journey of Hate & Sorrow (United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR015   Celestial Sword - Fallen from the Astral Temple (United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR016   Celestial Sword - Dawn of the Crimson Moon (United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR017   Μνήμα - Possessed Templars (Greece) CD SOLDOUT

TR018   Μνήμα - Νεκρώσιμος Ακολουθία (Greece) CD SOLDOUT

TR019   Kirous - III (Finland) CD SOLDOUT

TR020   Upir - Howling of the Ageless Winds: Hymns for the Black Tapestry of Night (Canada) CD SOLDOUT

TR021   As the Shadows Envelop Me - As the Shadows Envelop Me (Unknown) CD SOLDOUT

TR022   Spell Caster - Demo I: The Crypt of Infinite Secrecy (Unknown) CD SOLDOUT

TR023   Ruohtta - Sielunsoahti (Sweden) CD SOLDOUT

TR024   Djuasa - :Sápmi​:​Lapland​:​Helevetti: (Sweden) CD SOLDOUT

TR025   Northern Solitude - El Meu Cos Gelat Als Voltors (Spain / United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR026   Winterburial - White Tomb Pilgrimage (Unknown) CD SOLDOUT

TR027   KVAD - Cold & Dark, As Life (Norway) CD SOLDOUT

TR028   Eternal Downfall - Demo Compilation (Canada) CD SOLDOUT

TR029   Trhä / Celestial Sword - Edënohhdlha hálgra tu majtranlh'ha / Ga nëcëcta mon idlhi (United States / United States) CD SOLDOUT

TR030   Sunset - Sunset (United States) CD SOLDOUT



TR031   Trhä - novej qalhnj​​​ë​​​nno (United States) CD

TR032   Trhä - lhum jolhduc (United States) CD

TR033   Wolftower - Crownless King of the Dismal Dark Empire (Finland) CD

TR034   Wolftower / Bereft Raven - Self Titled Split (Finland / United States) CD



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